Foundation engineering and tunnel construction

Tough soil and rock require the use of precise technologies to create a safe construction site. We plan, design and manage projects even for the most challenging geostructures.

Specialist foundation engineering and underground construction, highway bypass Bulle

Specialist foundation engineering and underground construction, highway bypass Bulle

We offer the following services:

  • Preliminary/feasibility studies
  • Support and consultancy for the contracting authority
  • Specialist management for underground operations, tunnels, galleries
  • Geological construction support services for underground mining operations, tunnels, galleries
  • Geological 3D modelling
  • Geological and hydrogeological probing and trials, recordings and interpretations in every project and construction phase; generating geological forecasts
  • Determining features and values for construction sites
  • Stability calculations for buildings, building pits and foundations
  • Dimensioning of foundations and pit linings
  • Materials management for excavated material
  • Vibration measurements in the event of drilling and blasting
  • Consultancy on technical blasting issues, drafting of blasting plans
  • Gas measurements
  • Producing an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental impact reports (EIR)
  • Environmental construction support services

Your contact person(s)

Andrew Bourget

Head of Department 
Tunnels & Underground constructions
Tel: +41 21 620 70 62

andrew bourget

Jeremy Nuttin

Civil engineer Reg. A / SIA
Head of special civil engineering and infrastructures
Tel: +41 27 324 80 16

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