Renaturations, environmental reports etc. With CSD you realise projects in accordance with the environment. Read more

Quarries and gravel pits

Gravel pits: Successful approval thanks to our comprehensive expertise in environmental and procedural issues. Read more


Dump "La Pila" (pictured): CSD integrates expertise with creativity in order to handle waste and contaminated sites Read more

Areas and buildings

Integral solutions for new housing developments and redevelopment of neighborhoods. (Pictured: Housing development Gütsch) Read more

Road and rail

Tunnel de base du Gothard Sedrun

CSD provides engineering services in harmony with the environment for successful transport infrastructure projects, for example at the Gotthard base tunnel. Read more


Photo: Geothermal drilling St Gallen, City of St Gallen / Sankt Galler Stadtwerke, 2013. Read more


Near-natural, healthy and economical solutions for the entire water cycle (Pictured: Hydrogeological drilling at Vallorbe). Read more


CSD, environmental pioneer among engineering companies, is committed to economic solutions that improve the quality of living and the environment.

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  • District heating and snow cover: two CSD prizes for the environment

    Emilie Gex Pauline Millet prix CSD EPFLThis year, two EPFL (SIE ENAC) students received a CSD prize to reward two excellent Master projects that single out for the high standard solutions that increase the quality of life and help preserve the environment. Above, Emilie Gex, responsible for international activities, hands the prize over to Pauline Millet. Hereunder, she gives it to Jérémy Unternährer.

    Jérémy Unternährer’s thesis called « Spatial clustering and modeling for district heating integration in urban energy systems: application to geothermal energy » is in line with CSD’s current projects. His research aims to develop territorial energy planning that integrates the renewable energy potential (geothermic as it were) with the demand and development potential of district heating (DH), based on the use of potential Geographic information system (GIS).

    Pauline Millet writes a Master paper called « Information content of binary snow/non-snow data for melt prediction ». The solution aims to develop digital analysis on images (simple « low cost » photos) to allow measurements and simulations of the snow cover and the production of floods.

    We congratulate them and send them our best wishes for their promising career.

    Photos: Bertrand Rey

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  • CSD Intervenes in a MOOC on Disaster Risk Reduction.

    The Cooperation & Development Center at the EPFL launches its Massive Open Online Course: A Resilient Future - Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction. Starting date is 5th of November 2016. Frédéric Fournier, a CSD engineer, intervenes in this course as a speaker.

    The course is FREE and OPEN to anyone who has the motivation, persistence, and interest in learning about disaster risk reduction.

    “The course aims to introduce participants to existing and emerging technologies suitable for disaster risk reduction while promoting the overall aim of sustainable development. It focuses on three main natural hazards: floods, landslides and earthquakes. It also discusses the challenges and limits of adapting and adopting technologies depending on context (Global North and Global South) with examples from Switzerland, Nepal, Colombia, Philippines and other countries.”

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  • CSD commissioned for a healthcare and medical hazardous waste management project in Egypt

    delta nil(photo: satellite view of the Nile delta)

    CSD was commissioned by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to implement an important project of two large incinerators for healthcare and hospital waste in the region of the Nile Delta in Egypt.

    The improvement of the management of hazardous and healthcare waste is a priority for the Egyptian Government. The project in the Dakahleya Governorate should be a model for upgrading similar systems in other Egyptian governorates. It includes infrastructure subprojects as well as all the organization of all the institutional and financial models necessary to operate the waste collection and treatment.

    CSD is piloting the project and will work with the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Basel) and specialized Egyptian and German partners. 

    Already present in Latin America and in the Balkans with supporting projects to municipalities to improve waste management, CSD broadens its services to a new region for this specific thematic.

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